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kyliejennerI think you're pretty cool 😋 @iammiavargas "Let's try this one more time as I am only sharing this so people like me or parents who have kids like me no they are not alone and so they can see how it truly is out there ... Walk with my Head Held High even tho these words are stuck to my Heart ! 
A lot of people may not understand my message but it's the way I see Life :

As much as I walk with my head held high all the time I am only human and can only take so much. Being Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual , Transgender in this world isn't the easiest thing at all . We are often bullied , killed , or even pressured into killing ourselves "suicide". I try to never let these words get to me but trust me these hurt and sink into your heart more then I think getting beat up . I try to not let it bother me but at the end of the day I sometimes just crawl up my bed and cry my eyes out and asking God for this world to be a much better , understanding and Safe place . Love Has no Gender we are all entitled to our own opinions but if your opinion is going to hurt someone's Soul please keep it to yourself , I beg of you .#iAmMoreThanthe Faggot you see at the club ,#iAmMoreThan the Queer at the Mall ,#iAmMoreThan the Joto at the Restaurant , #iAmMoreThan the Homo at the Gym , #iAmMoreThan the Tranny that you say is trying to hard in life and will never be a woman .... #iAmMoreThanthe "thing" you make fun of on Social Media#iAmHuman 
#iAmMoreThan #iAmHuman